Date: 25th July 2015 at 3:56pm
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The proposed Northampton takeover goes so quiet at times you almost forget about this but David Cardoza has offered up another brief update on the Official Website, and in fairness these things will take time when done properly.

You, of course, don’t exactly ‘forget’ that an Indian Consortium is looking to takeover at Sixfields but when there’s no public update it slips the mind slightly – no news is good news as they say!

However we’ve got this brief update from the chairman….

Cardoza says that talks are ‘progressing really well’ and as much as he understands people want to be kept in the loop certain things can’t be shared, at this point, but positive talks with the club and Northampton Borough Council have taken place with this move ‘very much progressing’ as hoped.

Due diligence is ‘in full flow’ with a completion date something he’s looking to announce shortly.

‘I understand supporters are keen for information but much of the legal work being done has to take its natural course.

‘What I can say is that things are progressing really well. The consortium met with Northampton Borough Council on Monday and I understand that was a really positive meeting.

‘The due diligence process is in full flow and the lawyers are moving towards completing their work.

‘We hope to be able to advise a potential completion date for the takeover shortly, but supporters can be advised that things are very much progressing forwards and are on track.’


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