Date: 29th November 2015 at 2:21pm
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Which, if new Northampton owner Kelvin Thomas didn’t have about the club you would question why he completed his purchase on Thursday wouldn’t you!

Following the takeover from David Cardoza one of his many media calls saw him speaking to Sky Sports.

Things aren’t suddenly going to be ‘better’ off the field but theses prospects are now much brighter than they were before Thomas’ takeover with him having ‘bright optimism’ about the Cobblers’ future, which he’ll want to be as positive as the stuff on the pitch at the moment!

Showing he meant business the former Oxford chairman immediately paid off the £166,000 tax bill, which actually he paid before his takeover was officially rubber-stamped didn’t he! That in itself was threatening the very existence for the club of almost 120-years…

The £10.25m return loan to Northampton Borough Council ‘appears’ to have been settled but a ‘full investigation’ is being launched into previous, which doesn’t involved Thomas.

‘Previous’ that Thomas does have is that with Chris Wilder as he worked with the Northampton boss at Oxford before with this ‘trust’ something that’s a definite positive for him, admittedly there are some ‘negative of certain situations’ at Sixfields!

Wilder being the boss is a positive for Thomas, who said.

‘When you look at the positives and negatives of certain situations, it was definitely a positive. One of the best things about this deal is that you don’t have to go through the trust issues that you have to go through when you meet new people.

‘There isn’t that period of ritual dancing, of getting to know people. I know what Chris is all about and he knows what I’m all about. Our bond has formed with success and that’s important.

‘We trust each other that we can both be successful. It wasn’t necessarily a deciding factor but it was definitely a positive.’

Thomas’ rein started with another win on Saturday!

Going into that game with Yeovil at Sixfields, won two-nil, the new owner said he was already excited about the future he was even more optimistic following the performance and win at Crawley last Tuesday.

He added he’s going to ‘back the boss’ in the New Year but knows it’ll be a sensible approach, which Wilder takes anyway.

‘I’m even more excited about it after seeing the performance at Crawley on Tuesday night; it was a powerful performance from a team in good form.

‘It’s our job now to see what we can do to help that. We’ll take a view on what we need to do in January and plan for that.

‘We will use the time between now and then to sit down and discuss things. Chris is not a manager who will say he wants six centre-forwards. He will have done his work in the summer. The squad has been put together then and we will sit down and talk about it. We’re not coming in to not support that.’

Thomas spelt out he’s made this purchase of Northampton as he’s ‘about the football’ and he’ll ‘enjoy that’ it’s not about a business venture but he will ‘perhaps need to reach out more to businesses or sponsors’ to benefit the club.

His own future plans are being kept under wraps but he, of course, wants the club to be ‘as successful as we can’ finishing by saying.

‘We need to get to know the club what the club is about, how it’s structured and how it operates internally.

‘Once we know that we can start thinking about plans and implementing those plans.’


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