Date: 19th November 2015 at 8:55pm
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Kelvin Thomas’ proposed takeover at Northampton is now looking in serious doubt!

Thomas has revealed this evening that he’s ‘still trying to purchase’ Northampton but ‘only just’.

A statement on the BBC read.

‘We are still trying to purchase the majority shareholding of Northampton Town Football Club at this time, but only just.’

Due to the fact the Northampton deal is an ‘incredibly complex and challenging’ one this make the takeover all the more difficult but the former Oxford chairman has insisted he remains ‘very interested’ in this deal.

A deal had apparently been agreed with David and Tony Cardoza with talks also taking place with Northampton Borough Council with other areas looks at too.

However, now doubts over the Cardoza’s actually going through with the agreed deal ‘as agreed’ are something the statement added they were ‘wondering’ about.

‘Unfortunately it has taken too much time for David and Tony Cardoza to complete the share purchase agreement and we are now stuck wondering if they really want to complete the deal as agreed.’

With the threat of administration in place, and that would lead to a point deduction to harm the Northampton promotion push, club survival is the priority though, the statement added.

‘We were not interested in the development land (around the stadium) as we are businessmen with experience in football clubs, and not large scale developers that a project like that requires.

‘It was very important for us to conclude a deal prior to any insolvency event, as we did not feel that was in the best interests of the club.

‘Points are hard fought for at the best of times in this league and to lose 12 at this stage would be very damaging for any promotion push.’


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